Blubbery Muffins

When I was little, my family used to come together every once in a while for an epic camping trip. I don’t recall much of those days, but the parts that have stuck are some of my warmest thoughts. There’s some faint memory of learning that a sprinkle of sugar on strawberries could heighten the […]

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Better than Schweddy Balls

I know no one can resist Pete’s Schweddy Balls, but these are pretty darn good, too. The really awesome thing about energy bites like these is that you can put whatever you want into them and just alter the dry/wet ingredient ratio until it stays together nicely. So if you want to use a combination of nuts or […]

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Chocolate Avocado Facials

I can’t stop feeling my face right now. Like cashmere, like a chinchilla’s belly, like chocolate avocado pudding. It looks pretty nasty, but 100% edible (and trust me, when you’ve had it under your nose for a few minutes, you’ll want to eat it). For this particular face mask, you’ll need -1/4 of an avocado […]

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Huevos y frijoles

So they look kind of gross, but they’re loaded with protein & taste reaaaal good. Just mash up some beans (I find black beans to be the most willing to turn into paste) and dump them into the scramble after the eggs have had a moment or two to cook, then add spinach when the […]

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Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Oh dear jesus, yes. You had me at chocolate chip, and then again at banana, and a third time at muffin. I’ve been on a bit of a culinary binge lately, whipping up something or other every spare moment. These are my latest endeavor, sourced from The smell of baking banana bread, wafting through […]

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Pizza Quinoa Bites

With my recently acquired interest in good-tasting, good-feeling food, I’ve been exploring the depths of the Internet. This recipe is actually one I found months ago, on a website I’ve been stalking for years. The best vegan desserts you’ve ever seen, made by the insanely likeable Katie Higgins. These quinoa bites are, clearly, not […]

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