Cauliflower pizza

I took a slight hiatus during which time school completely exploded. The year’s over in two days, though, so here’s to a summer of travel and trying to get into college and cooking.

For right now, though? CAULI-FREAKING-FLOWER PIZZA.


This pizza is my new religion. I swear, if I had cauliflower on hand all the time, I’d make this once a day.

I used this recipe from Umami Holiday. Basically, if you’ve got cauliflower, cheese, and an egg, you’ve got creative license to do whatever the hell you want to your pizza – my kind of food.

You’re going to start by grinding your cauliflower in a food processor, ideally.

This is the consistency you're aiming for


I wasn’t sure how fine to go, so I processed the crap out of that cauliflower. The consistency worked out for me, though, so I’d aim for something like this.

After you cook your cauliflower comes the fun part – dehydrating it. What you’ll want to do is take a dish towel, clump the cauliflower in it, and squeeze it for far longer than you’d like to. I ended up going for about 8 minutes, by which point there was still a little water coming out but nowhere near the initial stream.

Once you’ve added your egg, spices, and cheese (I used half peccorino romano [sheep cheese] and half shredded taco blend), form your dough into a circle.


I did this just to show how big it’ll end up. Depending on your toppings, you’ll probably want about half a pizza per person, just because the crust is so thin.


We put on tomato sauce, spinach, chicken, and just a little bit more cheese.

I’d advise you not to add in any extra salt, just because the cheese brings a lot to begin with.


Parents tested, parents approved (ie we almost fought over the last piece). 10/10 would make again.

Until next time, keep your boots in the stars and your heart in the trees.


One thought on “Cauliflower pizza

  1. Reblogged this on Inside Kel's Kitchen and commented:
    I have made mashed cauliflower and cauliflower cous cous, both of which my family loved. I’ve heard cauliflower pizza crust is good. Will have to give it a try! Goes with my goal of healthier eating and sneaking those veggies in!


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