tex mex is the way to my heart

So during the last weekend of March, I flew down to Houston with my dad to visit Rice University (sidenote: one of the prettiest campuses in the United States). Our first day in the city, we ended up stopping for lunch at Chuy’s, which, let me tell you, was one of the best foodie decisions I’ve ever been a part of.


We gorged ourselves on chips, guac, salsa, & dip until we realised that we’d actually ordered a veritable shitload of food and no amount of hunger can handle such a feast.

I regret nothing.

The experience introduced me to a world of new sexy-tex-mexy flavors, like their tortilla soup – not a totally new concept, but the idea that you can put actual avocados in soup? Mindblowing.


And of course, we had to get some tacos. They didn’t disappoint. Nothing life-changing, but a good taco can go a long way.


There were also salads somewhere in there which were thoroughly on par for what you’d expect from a tex mex place with certain priorities.


But my main reason for finally writing this post wasn’t the soup, or the tacos, or the salad; it was the tres leches. This cake. This cake, sweet Jesus, this cake.


Tres leches cake is a traditional Mexican recipe – cake drenched in cream, this one topped with caramel glaze and strawberries. It was so rich, dense & nearly soggy with beautiful flavor.

These spoons are normal - sized and this cake is huge.

I was the fullest I’ve ever been in my life – and that was before this cake. We just couldn’t pass up the opportunity, though, and when our waiter recommended it, we adopted the why the hell not philosophy and just rolled with it.

All that was left after my dad and I split it

It took some serious self-control to leave even a crumb left, but I was heading towards food coma territory and decided to quit while I was ahead.

All in all, it was a good day. It was good cake. Chuy’s, I love you.

Until next time, keep your boots in the stars and your heart in the trees.

And tex mex in your stomach.


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