Blubbery Muffins

When I was little, my family used to come together every once in a while for an epic camping trip. I don’t recall much of those days, but the parts that have stuck are some of my warmest thoughts.

There’s some faint memory of learning that a sprinkle of sugar on strawberries could heighten the flavor; of almost getting the hang of riding a bike without training wheels; of growing terrified of the creatures lurking below the surface of moonlit lakes [leeches, mostly]. It’s all glazed over with a sunny filter, the kind of nostalgia that feels like lemonade in August, like hot tea in January. Like mini blueberry muffins.

Breakfasts were usually a pretty informal affair – even as few as 10 years ago, we weren’t all that concerned about what we were eating. So a few boxes of mini powdered donuts, a few bags of Entenmann’s mini blueberry muffins, and we were set. I used to scarf those muffins down, bag by bag. I can’t even say they tasted good, but they were bite-sized and full of sugar and that was perfect for mini me.

my childhood in a bag

I haven’t had one of those muffins in years. Tonight, though? Tonight I had some pretty serious flashbacks.


Look at this thing. I’ve never made a muffin that shaped itself like this – the domed top, the straight sides – it took me on a trip down memory lane and let me tell you, those old crap muffins ain’t got nothin’ on these.

Once again, it’s Chocolate Covered Katie to the rescue, with her Healthy Blueberry Muffins. Serious yum factor.
I made my muffins with 2 cups of gf flour and 1 tsp of flaxseed (instead of xanthan gum); and since we’re currently in the middle of a glacial weather pattern, I used frozen blueberries instead of fresh. The juice tinted the muffins a slight grey, but the taste is still superb.


[They’re also quick & easy to make, so do it now. Right now. Middle of the night, whatever.]

So until next time, keep your boots in the stars and your heart in the trees.


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