Enchilada lasagna

Essentially, yum. Meet the enchilada lasagna. It will become your new best friend. This recipe is from simplyrealhealth.com – though it’s technically called a Black Bean Spinach Enchilada Bake, I think we can all accept that this is lasagna and it is beautiful. It’s just layers of corn tortillas, enchilada sauce, spinach, beans, avocados, and […]

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Chocolate chip chia cookies

I’m always on the lookout for yummy, won’t-make-you-regret-it desserts. A lot of the time, there’s a disconnect – somebody, once upon a time, decreed that the standard is to taste pretty good, for being healthy. I dunno about you, but that phrase has about 97% effectiveness for steering me away from trying the recipe. Sometimes […]

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Cauliflower pizza

I took a slight hiatus during which time school completely exploded. The year’s over in two days, though, so here’s to a summer of travel and trying to get into college and cooking. For right now, though? CAULI-FREAKING-FLOWER PIZZA. This pizza is my new religion. I swear, if I had cauliflower on hand all the […]

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Standardized Aptitude Torture

Okay, real talk. Standardized testing is the most concentrated source of stress in my life, and I’m not alone. For high schoolers looking to go to college, there’s always that vague air of dread at the cellular level: the twisting in your stomach when you wonder if you’re doing enough, if you’ll be jobless in […]

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Fool’s Gold

Once upon a time, it was what you got when you assumed (foolishly), that you would find precious metals in California, 1849. Post-1970s, though? It’s taken on a whole new meaning. Meet the famed Fool’s Gold Sandwich, one of Elvis’ favorites and a supporting actor in the 2013 film What If. It will literally kill you. […]

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The heart of rock & roll

It’s been nearly 38 years. Insane. In the decades that have passed, technology has grown exponentially – exploding into forms and purposes that were unimaginable even a quarter of a century ago. Skirts have shortened, pants have sagged, and elementary school math problems have become the equivalent of old-school college algebra. Things have changed. The […]

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